It’s Hard to Write With “THEM” Around

I made it one of my resolutions to write every day. Even if I have nothing to write about. Today, I was going to whine about the hot water heater. It evidently decided that I was way too comfortable with the luke warm water it supplied and sprung a leak. Just as I accepted that I could deal with that challenge, the toilet overflowed and the shower quit working. So I have a lot to whine about.


Can they see us?

Except that “they” won’t let me be!  These handsome fellas are Yugi and Wookie, taken by my laptop camera. As you can see they appear to be fascinated by the whole process. I attribute this fascination with the laptop to their experience with the iPad Cat app. Now they think every screen is a new game just for them. Which makes the writing process a little tougher.

Where's my mouse?

Where’s my mouse?


Whatcha doing, Mommy?

In Nursing School, I remember being so intolerant of those students who had children and complained that they couldn’t get their parts of our projects done because the kids wouldn’t let them study. I understand now, guys. I understand completely.

Any suggestions, Cat Guardians?


WARNING: iPad Apps for Cats

I thought it was funny. An app for cats. It was free. What was the harm. I’ll tell you, my fellow feline-philes, the harm is that you will never have the iPad to yourself again.

20121223-072642.jpgYugi hogging the iPad.

I’m writing this with one hand while the other fends off a determined kitten. He loves his new toy. He can choose to play with a mouse, a butterfly, or a laser light. They make sounds when he hits them with a paw.

20121223-072953.jpgDie butterflies!

I did think it was adorable when I first saw it. How sweet, the kitty likes the app I got him. Then he started attacking the screen while I was watching a movie, when I checked my email, while I was reading posts on WordPress. He’s an iPad hogging little monster.

20121223-073335.jpgBring back the mouse or I’ll buy that couch you keep looking at on EBay.

Beware the cat apps!


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