Writer’s Block

Before I attempted to blog every day, I had a ton of ideas. I’d see something funny at work or at the store or at home and immediately have a great idea for an article. Now that I’ve made this commitment to myself to write an entry everyday; nothing! Augh! So, today’s entry is going to be about the mental illness that is plaguing me. I’ve heard it called Writer’s Block but I believe it is something far worse (and possibly fatal). I’m currently doing some research (in other words, googling) on the location of creativity in the brain. According to the Livestrong website, creativity may be due to a strong connection between the hemispheres of the brain. Dear God, at some point I’ve had a lobotomy!

No wait, as I read further (probably should have read the whole thing before I started typing this) creativity is also linked to a reduction of Norepinephrine and suppression of critical thinking skills. Huh! Well, that explains some of the things that happen here at the hospital.

Okay, so I probably haven’t had a lobotomy. My Norepinephrine is well-regulated and critical thinking is part of my job so perhaps that’s my problem. I’ll have to concede that this bout of Writer’s Block won’t kill me. It is frustrating, though. I’d like to know what you authors out there do when Writer’s Block hits? Any suggestions?


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