From Karma with Love

We are undergoing a major reorganization at my workplace. Thankfully, this time, it’s not the people who are being shuffled, just the office space.We’ve built a new data center and are in the process of moving departments out of the old building before demolition begins. When I left Clinical IT for Organizational Development, my IT colleagues were quick to taunt me with dire predictions of having to stay in the crumbling old building with black mold and outdated supplies. They were headed to the new data center, they assured me, with brand new offices and the latest and greatest equipment.

The view from my office window

Recently, however, we’ve found that that the Clinical IT department will not move to the new building. Instead, they will move into the old, grimy (ant-infested) building that the rest of IT just vacated. They won’t be able to afford a renovation, as the IT budget has been allocated to the new data center. Meanwhile, Organizational Development has received word that we will move to a building we have long coveted where each team member will have her own individual (renovated) office. I’m trying to contain my glee, which is why I’m blogging this instead of running up and down the halls screaming it out loud. Sometimes Karma is fricking awesome!

My space in the old building.

I’m going to take up a collection to buy Clinical IT some ant spray.


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