I was sitting at my desk scrolling through my phone and saw a picture that never fails to make me smile.

Wookie and Kit sharing some couch time.

Yes, if you couldn’t tell from my Gravatar, I’m a “cat person”. Technically, a “dog and cat person” (I have a husky mix named Aeryn). But I think I identify more with the cats. They have such a sense of their own place in the world. It’s what I haven’t managed to achieve for myself and yet what I truly aspire to.

Wookie personifies this ability to own his space. He wandered into my life one night, thru my backyard; which at that time contained Aeryn, a lab named Daisey and a pit bull named Jooli. Despite the sweet names, these were not the sweetest of girls. I heard them barking and went to see what had caused the uproar. They were surrounding this little puff of fur and looking very much like they were going to pounce. I could hear his breathing over their barking. It didn’t look or sound very good for this little guy. But he was standing his ground, staring down three large and unfriendly (to cats, at least) dogs. His little plumed tale was held high. He wasn’t hissing or cowering. It was the bravest thing I have ever seen. I scooped him up and brought him inside. He had a bad upper respiratory condition, ringworm and fleas. And the strangest habit of looking at the ceiling which led me to believe he had a guardian angel hovering just out of sight. I didn’t think the little guy would last the night but he proved to be much tougher than he looked. It took a month to kick the URI and a lot of bathing to fend off the ringworm but the Wook triumphed over all of it. He even made friends with the girls in the backyard. He walks through life like one who knows he supposed to be here. He doesn’t slink or scurry or swagger. Wookie owns! He owns the floor, he owns the couch, he owns me, he owns the dog, he owns the other cats. As he jumped up and laid down on Kit, the older gray cat, I said “Wook” in an exasperated tone. He looked back over his shoulder as if to say “mine”. And that was that!

If only I could learn to do that!

Wookie still stares up at the ceiling as though watching his own personal guardian angel. He’s really a beautiful cat, I can’t blame her for wanting to stay with him.



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  1. fransiweinstein
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 12:16:45

    Awww. Great story.


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