Good Intentions

It’s been seven months since I first posted on this website. I had planned to share my thoughts and feelings about the situation I’d found myself in and hopefully gain some insight along the way. So much for that!  The multigenerational family concept was too much for us. Mom and Dad have gone to live in a retirement community much more suited to their stage of life and I am moving back to my comfy little house (as soon as my tenants vacate). It’s what we should have done in the first place. We just weren’t quite ready to admit the need.

I was really happy to have my living space to myself again. I’m not a social person. After a long day of listening to other people’s drama and answering questions, I don’t want to come home to do more of the same. So it’s been a treat to stroll through this empty house, hearing nothing but the gentle tapping of cat claws on the hardwood and the melodious baying of my neurotic husky. Seriously, it’s music to my ears. Home is once again a sanctuary where I can find peace and rest.

However, I can’t find my mail. My dad checked the “whole family” box on the address change form and now my mail is going to the retirement center. It’s a small price to pay and a problem that I can easily resolve so all is still well.

However, I wondered what I would blog about now. Now that the people who were likely to cause me to become clinically insane are living elsewhere. Ha ha. Not to worry, there are others who are willing and able (and just a little bit desperate, I’ve discovered) to take my parents place.

My first weekend alone had come and gone and I was getting ready to go to work in super slow motion. I did the responsible thing and let my boss know with a friendly email. She said “cool” and went on about her day. She didn’t share the news because, well, why would she? After all, I’m an adult who’s capable of coming to work on my own, My coworkers, a wonderful group of concerned and loving women, went into major “where’s Nancy” panic and started calling my phone, and when I didn’t answer, friends who live in my neighborhood. As I was running late, I’d left home without my  home cell and my work cell. Whoops. So needless to say, by the time I got to work, there were anxious women running up and down the hall, imagining the worst and trying to formulate a plan to find me. I’m a little relieved I wasn’t actually missing. I don’t think they would have reached the stage where someone actually fills out a missing person report. I believe they were enjoying the frantic running up and down the hallway. I did notice as I straggled in that everyone had a cup of coffee and seemed reluctant to leave the hallway and settle in to work. In fact, several more times during the day, they gathered in the hallway to recall the exciting events of the morning. My boss thought it was funny. “Guess you’ll have to CC the rest of the office on any future emails” she said as she popped into my office to laugh. I haven’t lost two parents, I’ve gained four more. Aaauugghh!

My journey through madness continues.


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